Pullman & Comley’s attorneys and retired judges have earned the reputation as one of Connecticut’s premier legal teams for internal investigations, with extensive experience in both independent investigations and those undertaken to prepare a defense to a claim. We serve public and private corporations, municipalities, boards of education, colleges and universities, charitable and religious institutions, and other private, not-for-profit and governmental entities. 

Our firm has conducted investigations in numerous areas, including cases involving allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination, sexual assault and abuse, retaliatory employment practices, institutional failures to report child abuse and neglect, Title IX violations, school standardized testing improprieties, embezzlement and corporate theft, police officer, teacher and academic administrator misconduct, as well as many others. Many of these investigations have involved highly controversial and potentially damaging matters. We have nearly a dozen lawyers and retired judges who are experienced investigators.

We understand that investigations must be prompt yet thorough, and that external pressures and scrutiny must be managed in a way that allows the investigation to maintain true independence. This approach has consistently served our clients well and is why our firm is recognized as a leader in the field of internal investigations.

Accordingly, we have developed a multi-faceted approach: We first determine if an internal investigation is necessary. If so, we then assess whether the investigation should be conducted independently or whether an attorney-client relationship should be established for the investigation; this step is crucial in attempting to maintain confidentiality and privileges, when desired. With respect to public entities, we evaluate the applicability of the Freedom of Information Act to the investigation. Next, we discuss the best way to undertake the investigation with the client, including and explaining the ramifications, such as the intricacies of interviewing the accuser, accused and witnesses, including providing Upjohn, Garrity and other applicable warnings. When necessary, our team applies sophisticated, state-of-the-art data analytics techniques to review relevant documents and electronic information. After the investigation is complete, we assemble the facts, analyze the legal issues, and report our conclusions to our client in a way that allows them to make an informed decision on how best to proceed.


  • Retained by a Connecticut religious institution to investigate alleged clerical sexual abuse of minors and assist with the institution’s response to such allegations
  • Represented one of Connecticut’s largest municipalities in internal investigation into claims of retaliatory employment practices against city’s mayor and police department command staff
  • Conducted internal investigation on behalf of board of education into allegations of school-wide student standardized testing scoring improprieties
  • Represented one of Connecticut’s largest municipalities in investigation into alleged failure of city’s board of education, teachers and administrators to report alleged student sexual abuse and other misconduct by a teacher
  • Conducted internal investigation on behalf of numerous Connecticut employers into allegations of a hostile work environment based upon race, gender and other protected classes

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