When getting divorced, many people look for an alternative to the court processes, where their interests are protected but relationships are less strained.  Collaborative divorce is an innovative approach in which a party and his/her spouse commit themselves to achieving a negotiated outcome based on full and fair disclosure of information.  As part of the collaborative process, the parties agree that no litigation will be commenced during the negotiations.

Meeting all together, both parties are able to makes decisions, at times with the assistance of other necessary neutral professionals like financial planners, child-focused therapists and mediators.  The most important element of collaborative divorce is that you and your attorney are committed to dealing with and resolving conflict in a conciliatory fashion.

Our collaborative family lawyers are specially trained in the art and skill of collaborative divorce. They work with clients to design an approach that is tailored to each family’s unique needs.  Our goal is to counsel our clients through the major life transition of a divorce, seeking to preserve dignity, privacy and resources.

“There were countless moments when emotions could have overtaken the process and derailed it. The collaborative divorce team guided us through the legal and emotional complexities and helped us move forward without the drama.”

- A 2019 Family Law Client

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Pullman & Comley Family Law attorneys attorneys Jon T. Kukucka and Kelly A. Scott help answer the most frequently asked questions about divorce, child custody and pre- and post nuptial agreements.

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