Attorneys in our Family Law Practice handled Connecticut’s seminal Supreme Court case that determined that spouses may execute a contract after their marriage has taken place that establishes the rules that will govern in the event their union breaks down. We have assembled these attorneys on our team so that we can offer you this considerable talent and depth regarding postnuptial agreements.

These contracts are coined "postnuptial agreements,” and although similar in application to prenuptial agreements, have unique nuances because they are executed after a couple is married. Circumstances often change during a marriage and postnuptial agreements can be an effective tool to help couples manage issues that may arise in the event of dissolution.

In the drafting of a postnuptial agreement, you want an attorney that understands the complexity and specific nuances of a postnuptial agreement, so that it is ultimately enforceable by a court. Our team, including attorneys who helped make the law, are well situated to this task.

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Family Law Video Series

Pullman & Comley Family Law attorneys attorneys Jon T. Kukucka and Kelly A. Scott help answer the most frequently asked questions about divorce, child custody and pre- and post nuptial agreements.

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