When you are joyously contemplating marriage, it can be hard to think about breaking up. The Family Law practice at Pullman & Comley appreciates this, and provides sensitive and experienced counsel in the navigation of these uncertain waters.  A prenuptial agreement, or premarital contract, represents a unique planning opportunity for couples contemplating marriage and addresses a variety of issues that are likely to arise in the event of a future divorce or in estate planning. 

The tenor of such a discussion is as important as the content itself.  Our family law attorneys have a wealth of experience in negotiating and drafting premarital agreements with the overarching mission of empowering our clients to achieve their desired goals.

Our attorneys tailor each prenuptial agreement to the specific needs of the client.  The agreement affords a couple the ability to communicate about and agree upon how to govern issues of property division, alimony, and treatment of assets and liabilities, if all that is "right" now goes “wrong” down the road.

The law of prenuptial agreements is complex.  You want a knowledgeable attorney to advise you and draft your prenuptial agreement.  We have litigated the enforceability of prenuptial agreements with good success.  Selecting a member of our team is a smart and prudent choice in planning for a secure future. 

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Pullman & Comley Family Law attorneys attorneys Jon T. Kukucka and Kelly A. Scott help answer the most frequently asked questions about divorce, child custody and pre- and post nuptial agreements.

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