Business disputes come in all shapes and sizes, and Pullman & Comley's Litigation attorneys handle them all -- for public and privately held companies as well as officers, directors and shareholders.  

While each case is unique, business disputes usually have several things in common: they are driven by economics, they are disruptive to the operations of those involved, and they typically resolve themselves by way of settlement.  Because of this, we believe that a creative approach to problem-solving is the best way to ensure success for our clients.  And, we believe that creative approach is one which must be arrived at in partnership with our client.

While we prepare each case as though it will be tried, we try just as hard to handle the case in a proactive manner, a manner which highlights the strengths of our case early and often, so we can satisfy our client’s objectives more quickly and less expensively.  If a dispositive motion will work, we will file it.  If settlement makes sense, we will pursue it.  It is our client’s goals that are of paramount importance to us, not the litigation process.  


Defend affiliated corporations and their officers and directors from claims of reverse and forward corporate veil piercing  

Defend shareholder derivative claims for fiduciary breaches by officers and directors, insider trading, and excessive compensation

Represent corporate clients in raiding, unfair competition, RICO and a host of other business-to-business based claims

Represent parties and limited liability company members in business divorces, claims of misappropriation of corporate opportunities and theft

Defend corporations in regulatory investigations and prosecution by state and federal agencies

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