Press Release07.06.2020

Pullman & Comley's ADR Practice Offers Solutions to Landlords, Tenants and Lenders

The COVID-19 crisis has placed an overwhelming burden on our economy and legal system. Landlords, tenants and commercial lenders have been hit particularly hard, as the sudden shutdown of businesses in mid-March significantly strained business relationships.  Despite efforts to reopen the economy there will likely be continued risk of defaults of rental and loan payments. Connecticut courts have been largely closed and inaccessible to landlords, tenants and lenders. While the judicial system is taking modest steps to restore access to civil litigants, it is an open question when traditional judicial remedies such as summary process and breach of contract actions will again be available to them.

At this time of economic upheaval and unpredictable legal risk, mediation and arbitration can provide an efficient and cost-effective method of resolving actual and threatened disputes. Landlords, tenants and lenders looking to protect their investments and to obtain predictability can mutually benefit from mediated settlements and/or arbitrated disputes.

Pullman & Comley’s ADR practice group is uniquely situated to offer a speedy and efficient  alternative to the judicial process. Our team includes four retired Connecticut judges as well as litigation and transactional attorneys experienced in navigating the tricky waters of lease and loan defaults. The chair of the ADR group, Judge Robert L. Holzberg (Ret.), served as the Presiding Judge of the Hartford Housing Session for more than three years, and authored some of the most important decisions on commercial and residential landlord-tenant issues. Judge Lynda B. Munro (Ret.) presided over the New Haven-Waterbury Housing Session, and Judge Michael E. Riley (Ret.) routinely handled housing disputes. Together they have mediated and/or arbitrated hundreds of residential and commercial disputes involving leases, loans, and workouts. Our real estate and litigation attorneys have been working around the clock since the COVID-19 crisis struck providing counsel and guidance to our landlord, tenant and banking clients. We are available either individually or as a team to assist you in mediating or arbitrating your disputes.

For more information, or to schedule a mediation or arbitration, please contact a member of our ADR practice:

Judge Robert L. Holzberg, (Ret.)

Judge Lynda B. Munro, (Ret.)

Judge Michael E. Riley, (Ret.)

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