Legal Marijuana: What Does it Mean for Your Community?

Pullman & Comley Business and Finance attorney Andrew Glassman and Diane Whitney, an attorney in the firm's Environmental and Land Use practices, presented at the Northeast Economic Development Association (NEDA) conference with James Moran, Principal/Economic Planner, City of East Providence, RI.

Their session provided an overview of Federal and State law impacting the legalized sale and distribution of marijuana along the eastern seaboard. They also covered current State law initiatives and regulations in PA, NY, CT, MA, RI and ME in order to provide the audience with the common trends affecting this growing industry. In addition, they addressed actual difficulties faced on behalf of clients in their efforts to get approval and permits to operate the cultivation and distribution facilities in these jurisdictions and highlight the obstacles caused by the reactions of municipalities and residents to these proposed facilities. A portion of the presentation focused on the economic impacts of the industry and projections regarding growth.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
8:30 a.m.-10 a.m.
NEDA Annual Conference
Providence Biltmore Hotel
11 Dorrance Street
Providence, RI

For more information, please visit the NEDA website here.

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