Pullman & Comley’s Energy Procurement and Use practice focuses on helping clients procure and use energy more efficiently and cost effectively.  This practice utilizes our extensive knowledge and experience in wholesale and retail energy markets, as well as renewable energy, distributed generation, combined heat and power (CHP) systems, and demand side management techniques and products. 

Our clients include large industrial and commercial consumers of energy and consumer groups, as well as real estate developers and property managers.  Our clients have experienced significant savings by procuring energy in the competitive energy market and participating in clean energy, energy conservation and demand management programs.  Our clients also help consumers to conserve energy and avoid demand charges through the installation of efficient lighting and smart appliances and motors, as well as on-site distributed generation.  We have also helped clients navigate the intricacies of Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) creation and trading and participation in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Leaders Program.


Representation of large consumers and consumer groups in the competitive procurement and negotiation of contracts, demand-side management and conservation services to meet their energy needs

Representation of municipal utility in negotiation of power supply and unit power agreements

Representation of consumers in billing and power contract disputes 

Representation of clients in the creation and sale of RECs, Green Tags and White Tags

Representation of demand-side energy service providers in obtaining approval to participate in state energy efficiency and demand response programs

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