In The News11.27.2023

Lee Hoffman Discusses Challenges Colleges Face While Trying to Reduce Carbon Footprints

Hartford Business Journal

Pullman & Comley Energy and Environmental attorney Lee D. Hoffman spoke to the Hartford Business Journal about clean energy technology costs becoming a potential roadblock for colleges and universities. Although colleges throughout Connecticut have been making efforts to make their campuses more sustainable to reduce their carbon footprint, they face challenges in doing so. Financial pressures primarily impact the colleges and universities having to make tougher bottom-line decisions.

Lee, who is also chair of the firm, said that some practices will give a faster return on investment, such as weather-proofing buildings, using energy-efficient lighting, and having better insulation. “Those will pay for themselves more quickly, so it’s a smarter fiscal move,” Lee said. “It gets more difficult when the return on your investment is more long term.” 

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