Assisting an Connecticut Investment Fund to Invest in Clean Energy

Clean Feet Investors is a Connecticut- based investment fund dedicated to investing in green energy projects. Our attorneys were retained by Clean Feet to assist in its investment activity. At the time, the fund was working on a number of significant investment opportunities and also resolving a dispute with a company that operated and maintained some of Clean Feet’s solar projects. In 2016, this dispute reached a boiling point, threatening the projects’ viability and cash flow. Utilizing our significant knowledge of the alternative energy business and our extensive experience in corporate transactions, our attorneys assisted Clean Feet in re-taking possession and control of the projects and structuring a deal that allowed Clean Feet to obtain control over a significant portfolio of projects. This increased Clean Feet’s potential revenue from the combined projects while maintaining their ongoing benefits. Beyond this dispute resolution, our firm has been able to assist Clean Feet with a number of other projects ranging from Solar PV installations to battery storage.


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