In The News11.27.2023

Lee Hoffman Talks Energy in Connecticut with Hartford Business Journal

Hartford Business Journal

Lee D. Hoffman, Energy and Environmental attorney at Pullman & Comley, was quoted in two recent Hartford Business Journal (HBJ) articles focusing on the high demands for Connecticut's electric grid capacity.

Over the years, Connecticut has seen an increase in the number of electric vehicles and EV chargers. Leading up to the November 28 Regulation Review Committee meeting where the state's 2035 Electric Vehicle Mandate was withdrawn, HBJ ran an article focusing on the higher demand for EV charging technology. To meet the state’s previously mandated greenhouse gas reduction target, the state would need more than 8,000 public and workplace electric vehicle charging ports by 2025, and more than 25,000 by 2030. “So, what you’re talking about is a tenfold increase in essentially six years,” Lee said. “Is it doable? Absolutely. But it’s a big public works project. And it’s, I would submit, on the scale of rural electrification during the ’30s and ’40s.” Read more in the full article here.

In addition to the increased electric demand as the EV charging infrastructure continues to grow, Connecticut has committed to a zero-carbon electric grid by 2050. Lee, who is also chair of the firm, said "the problem that we’re facing is we have to double our existing electric capacity, and we have to do so without introducing any new units of fossil fuel electric generation.” the state will need to use a combination of wind, solar, hydroelectric, battery energy storage and nuclear energy sources. Read the full article here.



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