In The News06.02.2020

Good Housekeeping Quotes Retired Judge Lynda Munro on Flexible Co-Parenting During COVID-19

Retired Judge Lynda Munro, a member of Pullman & Comley's  Alternative Dispute Resolution practice group and Family Law practices, was quoted on how families with divorced parents have largely been collaborating during the COVID-19 pandemic without the courts being open to address disputes. In many cases, partners who have been flexible and working together in co-parenting have been seeing benefits for both the child(ren) and parents; providing a variety of experiences for the child(ren) and allowing parents to work from home solo if and when it's needed.

Retired Judge Munro explains “In normal, non-COVID-19 times, roughly 85% to 90% of parents separating find ways to work out their differences [without court intervention]. There's no reason to believe that this statistic should vary during this public health crisis.”

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