Ret. Judge Munro to Speak on Representing Clients in Mediation: A Different Kind of Advocacy

Connecticut Convention Center

Retired Judge Lynda B. Munro of Pullman's Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Law practices will take part in a panel discussion on the topic of Representing Clients in Mediation at the CBA's Annual Connecticut Legal Conference on September 14 at the Convention Center in Hartford.

Representing clients before and during negotiation in a mediation setting calls for a very specific form of advocacy, different from traditional litigation advocacy. Lawyers need advanced negotiation skills and a sophisticated understanding of the role and potential power of the mediator. This program is presented by members of the Connecticut Mediation Association, who will present the theory of what "mediation advocacy" should be, both in the preparation and counseling phases and during the mediation itself. We will demonstrate and deliver "best practices" for ethical and effective representation in civil and family mediation that enhance the promise and principles of mediation rather than undermine the potential for resolution and creative problem-solving that mediation offers.

Attendees will learn:

  • Elements of interested-based negotiation, what makes for an effective mediation, and the proper role of a mediator..
  • Best practices for counseling and preparing clients for the negotiation that will occur during the mediation, including their active role in the mediation
  • Best practices for working with client, counterpart and mediator during mediation sessions in order to advance negotiation and problem-solving environment, rather than engaging in counterproductive behaviors more typical and appropriate for a courtroom.

For more information or to register, visit the CBA website here.

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