The Future of Construction Law in the Age of AI

Thomas S. Lambert
Weekly Real Estate News

Thomas Lambert, an attorney in Pullman & Comley's Litigation and Construction practices, authored an article about the impact of artificial intelligence on the construction industry and the evolution of construction law for Weekly Real Estate News, a national publication covering the real estate industry.

"As AI continues to permeate the construction industry, the legal field will adapt accordingly," Tom writes. "The future of construction law in the age of AI will be characterized by evolving legal frameworks, new types of contracts (and assumptions that go into those contracts), enhanced regulatory oversight, and an increased need for legal professionals who are knowledgeable about technology. By anticipating these changes and preparing for them, the construction industry can help ensure that the integration of AI is done in a way that maximizes benefits while minimizing risks and uncertainties."

To read the full article, visit the WRE News website.



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