Connecticut DCP Clarifies that Municipalities with Fewer than 25,000 Residents Can Host One Licensed Retail Cannabis Facility and One Micro Cultivation Facility

by Andrew C. Glassman

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) has just released important guidance regarding the Adult Use Cannabis Statute, clarifying that communities with under 25,000 residents may host one licensed retail facility and one micro cultivation facility. Please see the information posted on the State of Connecticut’s website here.

There had been some confusion in the business and municipal communities about whether municipalities had to meet the 25,000 population threshold in order to site adult use cannabis retailers and micro-cultivators.

Information posted to the Cannabis information section of the state’s website,, states “Section 148 of Public Act 21-1 of the June 2021 Special Session allows for municipalities to have up to one licensed adult-use cannabis retailer and one licensed micro-cultivator per 25,000 residents. This means that for every 25,000 residents in a town or city, there may be one licensed adult-use cannabis retailer and micro-cultivator. A municipality with fewer than 25,000 people can host one retailer and micro cultivator. A municipality must have no less than 50,000 residents to qualify for two retailers and micro-cultivators.”

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