In The News05.31.2021

Jon Orleans Talks to the Hartford Business Journal about Restrictive Covenants in Employment

Hartford Business Journal

Jonathan B. Orleans, chair of the Labor and Employment Law practice at Pullman & Comley, spoke to the Hartford Business Journal about restrictive covenants in employment, which prevent workers from competing against their former employer, soliciting its customers or using company information for their own purposes.  Because they are a constantly evolving area of law, they can present challenges to businesses.

Employers should make policies around restrictive covenants transparent and consistent to prevent the theft of trade secrets, Jon said.

“You can’t absolutely prevent it.  What you can do is have clear and enforceable agreements so that you’re in as strong a position as possible if some unscrupulous employee or former employee violates those agreements,” he said. Agreements with employees should be crafted with restraint in mind.

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