The Property Tax and Valuation Department maintains an active docket of eminent domain litigation in addition to its robust assessment appeals practice. 

We have been counsel to the City of Stamford in several projects involving the taking of dozens of parcels. However, our primary client base is the property owner who finds itself in the way of a public work project which calls for the taking, either in whole or in part, of its real estate. 

Our experienced attorneys assist the owner in obtaining just compensation from the taking authority for the property taken. Among the types of properties we have litigated are an oil terminal, outdoor advertising signage, industrial properties, a gravel bank, and retail assets including shopping centers. 

While takings of an entire property often can present valuation challenges, partial takings usually are more complicated as determining the value of the condemned property, in addition to any damages to the remainder not taken, are required. Our practitioners have ample experience with both total and partial takings. 

Regulatory takings that do not involve the physical acquisition of real estate but which are impacted by off-site developments and inverse takings that fall under the same conceptual category also are very familiar to the Department.

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