Welcome to the first issue of the CT Property Tax Minute, published by the Property Valuation attorneys and paralegals at Pullman & Comley.  We hope you find the bits of information provided now and in the months to come helpful as you navigate the assessment process.


Board of Assessment Appeals Activity in Select Revaluation Municipalities

The 2010 revaluation season is well under way.  Here is the current status of the appeal process in select locations:

Colebrook: hearings held in April; decisions to be reached by April 29 and mailed within one week

Deep River: hearings completed in March; decisions by March 16

Durham: hearings completed in March; decisions have been mailed

East Hampton: hearings were held through April 22, decisions to be reached by April 29 and to be mailed within one 1 week

Ellington: hearings held in March and decisions have been mailed

Greenwich: hearings completed April 14; decisions to be mailed the week of April 25

Haddam: hearings completed by March 19; decisions were mailed by March 22

Hamden: hearings held in March; decisions were mailed by March 31

North Branford: hearings completed in March;  decisions have been mailed

Oxford: hearings completed April 21; decisions to be mailed by early May

 hearings held and decisions mailed in early March

 hearings held and decisions mailed in March

Wallingford: hearings completed March 31; decisions have been mailed

Note:  Superior Court appeals are due within two months of the date the BAA decision was postmarked. Save those envelopes!

For more information on any municipality, contact Laura A. Bellotti at 860-424-4309 or lbellotti@pullcom.com.

Legislative Update

Since going into session in January, the General Assembly has considered a number of property tax bills.  The following still remain under active consideration or have been passed into law:

        • Allow municipalities to send tax bills by e-mail with taxpayer consent.  (Raised House Bill No. 6559)
        • Allow municipalities to send personal property declaration forms electronically to nonresident business taxpayers with their consent and to accept personal property declarations that are electronically signed and filed.  (Substitute Senate Bill No. 518)
        • Allow the City of Hartford to continue to limit the amount of property tax increases on residential and apartment properties. (Substitute House Bill No. 5143)
        • Allow municipalities, by local option, to assess the residential property of low and moderate income households at less than the mandated 70% of market value.  (Substitute Senate Bill No. 898)
        • Allow up to three municipalities to develop a system for taxing unimproved land at a higher rate than improved land.  (Substitute Senate Bill No. 130)
        • Accelerate the payment of personal property taxes on mobile telecommunications equipment from next fiscal year into this fiscal year.  (Passed into law as Public Act No. 11-1)

Absent a special session, the General Assembly will conclude its work on June 8.  For more information, contact Gregory Servodidio at 860-424-4332 or gservodidio@pullcom.com.

Did you know?

A request for an extension of up to 30 days beyond the June 1 filing deadline for Income & Expense Reports must be submitted to an assessor by May 1.

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