Legislative Update

By the time it concluded its regular session on June 8, the Connecticut General Assembly had passed a number of property tax measures which either have been or are expected to be signed into law by Governor Malloy. The measures:

  • Allow municipalities to accept electronically signed and filed personal property declarations and require municipalities to send out declaration forms at least 30 days before the November 1 due date.  (Public Act No. 11-69)
        • Permit Cromwell, East Windsor, Orange, Farmington, Windham and Stamford to conduct their next revaluations effective October 1, 2012. Also allow anonymous taxpayers in Middletown, Bloomfield, Franklin, Hartford, Sprague, Seymour, New Haven, Windsor and Danbury to file otherwise untimely applications for certain property tax benefits. (Substitute Senate Bill No. 1162)
        • Allow Hartford to continue to assess residential and apartment properties at less than 70% of fair market value but put them on a trajectory to eventually be assessed at 70%.  (Public Act No. 11-212)
        • Accelerate the payment of personal property taxes on mobile telecommunications equipment from next fiscal year into this fiscal year.  (Public Act. No. 11-1)
        • Allow municipalities to extend property tax benefits to a broader range of residential and commercial developments when a brownfield is being redeveloped.  (Public Act No. 11-96)
        • Provide an opportunity to convert so-called “ten mill” forestland to the Public Act 490 program.  (Public Act No. 11-198)
        • Allow municipalities to extend a one year forgiveness of interest owed on unpaid property taxes to members of the armed forces called to active service outside of the state.  (Public Act No. 11-62)
        • Allow property tax bills to be sent electronically with the consent of the taxpayer provided that the municipality develops procedures to ensure that the bill is actually received. (Public Act No. 11-185)

For more information on these pieces of legislation, contact Gregory F. Servodidio at 860-424-4332 or gservodidio@pullcom.com

Assessor Changes

There have been several changes in the assessors' offices of three important Connecticut municipalities.  Lawrence LaBarbera is retiring as Hartford assessor and will replace Steven Kosofsky as the Windsor assessor.  Mr. Kosofsky is currently focusing on property tax consulting.

Mr. LaBarbera's successor in Hartford is John Philip, who until recently was the Groton assessor.  Mr. Philip's late father Henry was the deputy assessor of Hartford a number of years ago.  Mary Gardner will be assuming the post of Groton assessor. 

For more information, contact Elliott B. Pollack at 860-424-4340 or ebpollack@pullcom.com.

Did you know?

Connecticut is comprised of 169 municipalities - each with its own independent assessor and assessment functions.

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