Appealing from the Remote Environment

Family Advocate

Pullman & Comley Family Law attorneys Campbell D. Barrett, Johanna S. Katz and Stacie L. Provencher were authors of the article, “Appealing from the Remote Environment” which appears in the Fall 2021 issue of the Family Advocate, published by the Family Law section of the American Bar Association.

In this issue, Campbell, Johanna and Stacie summarize how the COVID-19 pandemic thrust the legal world into a new era of remote legal proceedings almost overnight. As lawyers and litigants alike transitioned to attending remote proceedings on new virtual platforms, benefits and shortcomings both became evident quickly. With some difficulties being removed with no need to travel or proceedings being able to move forward without convening in person, remote platforms proved the inability to allow for a natural flow of arguments, not to mention technical difficulties. Campbell, Johanna and Stacie discuss noteworthy details and make suggestions on how attorneys can position themselves to be successful in the world of remote legal proceedings.

You can access a PDF of the article via the link below.  Visit the ABA website to access the full Fall 2021 issue of Family Advocate.

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