A Trial is All About the Appeal

Campbell Barrett and Judge Lynda B. Munro (Ret.)
Best Lawyers

In their article on the Best Lawyers, Pullman & Comley partner Campbell D. Barrett, chair of the firm's Family Law practice, and Retired Judge Lynda B. Munro, a partner in the Family Law and ADR practices, write that every good trial lawyer must recognize the fact that every trial has the potential for an appeal. The duty of a trial lawyer, therefore, is two-fold: to win the case and protect the record for appellate review.

"The art of advocacy includes the pretrial, trial, and appellate stages in the life of a case. They are three legs of the stool, each interdependent on the other. At the earliest stages of your case construction, you must be thinking of the end stage: the appeal. This approach ensures that you have met the gold standard in representation of your client," they write.

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