Judge Robert Holzberg (Ret.) Discusses Jury and Court Trials and the Appointment Process for Judges with Law and Legitimacy Podcast

Law and Legitimacy Podcast

Judge Robert L. Holzberg (Ret.), a Connecticut mediator and arbitrator, is interviewed by podcast host Norm Pattis regarding the process involved in becoming an appointed judge in Connecticut and the expectations that judges must maintain in order to be reappointed.  Norm and Judge Holzberg then discuss the difference between jury trials and court trials and the reasons why the public maintains a high fascination with trials.  "Certain cases grab your attention," said Holzberg.  "There's a certain fascination with human psychology and what motivates people to engage in illegal conduct."  Public trials are part of our country's history and "trials play out in a very public way some of the questions we harbor as individuals and as a society.  There's also a fascination and appreciation for the performance of lawyers in our system of justice."

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