Family Law attorney Livia D. Barndollar discusses "Divorce is a Beautiful Opportunity to Reinvent Yourself" on top ranked podcast

The Midlife Makeover Show Podcast

Family law attorney Livia D. Barndollar appears on The Midlife Makeover podcast to discuss how to view divorce as an opportunity to rediscover what brings you joy, to reinvent yourself and to recreate a new life.  During the episode, Livia shares several "words of wisdom" to assist those going through the divorce process to move forward, including:

  1. Let go of anger and hurt as a motivating factor when you move forward in divorce. 
  2. You want an attorney that will guide you, be cooperative, and be assertive in making sure that the things you need are addressed. 
  3. There are two challenges in doing the divorce yourself: You don’t know what you don’t know and you’re advocating for yourself.
  4. A great way to get a really informed decision is to have two good lawyers collect the information that is necessary, determine what to do, and then go to a private mediator with the lawyers. 
  5. Look at divorce is an opportunity to either reinvent or rediscover yourself. 
  6. Divorce is a great time to sit back and evaluate what’s important in your life. What fulfills you? What makes you happy? 
  7. No matter if a divorce is good or bad, it’s a loss. Take the time to grieve. 
  8. Guilt is a form of regret, and regret shows you the way to make some changes in your life.

Listen to the complete podcast here.

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