In The News08.03.2021 Quotes Zachary Schurin and Melinda Kaufmann on Employer Vaccine Mandates attended the webinar that Labor and Employment Law attorneys Melinda B. Kaufmann and Zachary D. Schurin recently presented on the hot topic of "Mandating the Vaccine or Not," part of the KeyBank Workshop Series held by the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce. As COVID-19 continues to be a pressing issue, many businesses are wondering if they can legally mandate that its employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine. “The answer is yes,” according to Zach. “Yes. Not maybe, yes.”

Melinda provided additional clarification, saying “any of those mandatory vaccination policies, however, have to allow for provisions for reasonable accommodations in certain situations. The three that the EEOC [The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] has specifically discussed are disability, pregnancy, and religion.”

Melinda and Zach also discussed what businesses should consider when making this decision, including privacy issues, workplace security concerns, how to evaluate and respond to requests for accommodations, and more. 

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