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Steven J. Stafstrom Quoted on CT Courts Post-Pandemic

Connecticut Post

Steven J. Stafstrom, an attorney in Pullman & Comley's Litigation practice, commented on the onset of civil litigation cases the courts will see post-pandemic. Not surprisingly, there has been an increase in contractual breaches with businesses not being able to keep their promises due to a halt in operations.  Many expect a flood of civil litigation suits when courts do reopen. Steve says “The areas where the legal community generally anticipates a wave of litigation is on the landlord-tenant eviction cases and the breach-of-contract actions.”

The courts may have a foundation to build on from what happened after the 2009 recession.  “We actually are set up better to deal with some of those issues because of the programs that were put in place in 2008-2009,” said Steve, who also serves as a member of the Connecticut General Assembly representing Bridgeport. “There’s obviously a temporary shutdown of the court process and also, certainly, on the foreclosure side, there’s a moratorium in place.  But as those claims — whenever they are — start to cycle back through the system, and the system gets back up and running to process those types of claims, those existing programs and protections that we put in place in response to the 2008 crash will kick back into high gear.”

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