In The News08.07.2012

Federal Appeals Court Issues Decision Upholding Ruling in Quinnipiac Title IX Case

Thomson Reuters

In "Competitive Cheerleading Not A Sport, Federal Appeals Court Rules" Pullman & Comley litigation attorneys Alex Hernandez and Jonathan Orleans were named as the plaintiff's representation.  The firm acted as cooperating counsel with the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Connecticut in representing the Quinnipiac University's women's volleyball team and their coach in a Title IX lawsuit against the university when the university attempted to eliminate the women's volleyball team.  The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held that Quinnipiac University was not meeting its Title IX requirements, after the Connecticut school eliminated the women's volleyball team and replaced it with competitive cheerleading.

According to Jon, "We're very happy -- it's a great victory. The 2nd Circuit goes right down the line and affirms Judge Underhill on every major point."

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