In The News07.24.2023

Brian McCann Discusses Connecticut Property Lines with New Haven Register

New Haven Register

Pullman & Comley Property Valuation and Land Use attorney Brian L. McCann spoke with New Haven Register about how property lines in Connecticut as represented on assessors' or geographic information system maps can sometimes be imprecise. Residents typically will come to find out when they go to make additions or changes to their property, and find the property lines are different from what they were told in the buying process, which could lead to issues. "If someone is going to make an improvement on their property, if it’s a pool or outbuilding like a shed or barn, it would be, in that circumstance, prudent to go and have the property boundary located," Brian said. "Normally towns will require exactly that, because those activities, those constructions like a pool or barn or shed or even a patio or deck, typically require permitting from the local municipality."

The best way of achieving an accurate assessment of the precise property boundaries is through a commissioned property survey or additional online research, which isn't typically done during real estate transactions, Brian said. 

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