SEMINAR: Learning Together: Recent Developments in the Law and Practical Solutions for Connecticut's Public Schools

Pullman & Comley's School Law Practice hosted its second annual statewide seminar, "Learning Together: Recent Developments in the Law and Practical Solutions for Connecticut's Public Schools" on February 26, 2016. The half-day program covered trends in collective bargaining, school district budgets, the Teacher Tenure Act, legal considerations affecting transgender students, and many other hot topics facing school districts.

The seminar sessions were the following: 
"Recent Trends in and Strategies for Collective Bargaining” 
We will discuss recent best practices and tactics for a successful labor negotiation.
Speakers: Donald Houston, Stephen Sedor, John Shea

“Passing Your Budget and Building Projects Without Getting Fined Or Sued”
We will discuss the legal aspects of developing, passing and expending the school district’s budget, including minimum budget requirement, rules during pending referendum, the role of the municipality, line item transfers and handling unanticipated expenditures.  In addition, we will discuss the potential ramifications of the ongoing school funding litigation.
Speakers: Mark Sommaruga, Susan Scott 

“Connecticut’s Teacher Tenure Law”
This presentation will examine the process by which public school  teachers in Connecticut attain tenure, the differences between nonrenewal and termination of a teacher’s contract of employment, and the interplay between the tenure law and teacher evaluations.
Speakers: William Connon, Zachary Schurin

“Anti-Discrimination Law and Transgender Students”
Title IX and Connecticut laws prohibit sex discrimination in public schools.  This includes, among other things, a requirement to eliminate discrimination in interscholastic athletics, and an obligation to accommodate transgender students in terms of locker rooms, bathrooms, student records, athletic participation, field trips and the other aspects of curricular and extracurricular student life.  This presentation will discuss the policies and practices school districts should be following to ensure compliance with the law in these areas.
Speakers: Michael McKeon, Jon Orleans     

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