Campbell Barrett To Speak at Connecticut Bar Association Event on Limited Scope Representation

3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. EDT

Campbell D. Barrett, chair of Pullman & Comley's Family Law practice, will speak at a May 17, 2022 Connecticut Bar Association event on the concept of Limited Scope Representation (LSR) as a tool of emerging importance for Connecticut attorneys. LSR, or the agreement by an attorney to take on only some part of a client's matter, can both help broaden access to crucial legal representation and allow attorneys to increase revenues and expand client bases.

Attendees will be given a broad understanding of both the importance and practical application of LSR, as Campbell and his fellow speakers touch on:

  • The importance of LSR and the prevalence of self-represented litigants in critical civil legal disputes;
  • How to use LSR effectively in Connecticut courts;
  • Economic profile of a typical Connecticut resident: what are the financial positions and constraints of most Connecticut households?   What is the economic profile of your potential client community?
  • Practical do’s and don’ts of using LSR, including tips for engagement letters and ending representation by using Certificates of  Completion of Limited Appearance
  • How LSR can help you increase your paying client base, or allow you to engage in meaningful pro bono representation; and
  • The ethical and procedural rules of LSR in Connecticut.

To register for this event, which will provide 1.5 CLE Credit (Ethics) and 0.5 CLE Credit (General), please visit the CBA website.


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