Representing Businesses that Grow, Dispense and Provide Testing for Medical Marijuana

Advanced Grow Labs

“We probably wouldn’t have succeeded without our attorney’s support and help. Our rapport with Pullman vetted us for a productive relationship with the State and validated us as a quality candidate.” - --David Lipton, CEO, Advanced Grow Labs

In 2012, Connecticut legalized the production and distribution of medical marijuana (MMJ) to registered patients. Since then, P&C attorneys have assisted the businesses that grow, dispense and provide testing services for this limited-use drug, including Advanced Grow Labs, a research and production facility in West Haven.  As one of the first four Connecticut producers, Advanced Grow Labs’ products are mandated by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection to be laboratory tested to determine potency levels and ensure they are contaminant free. 

P&C worked with Advanced Grow through the application and approval process and has continued to represent it with its expansion plans, including the recent approval of Bluepoint Wellness in Westport which is one of nine new MMJ dispensaries in Connecticut. The approval also makes Advanced Grow Labs the first company to hold licenses to both produce and dispense medical marijuana in Connecticut. 

As the discussion in Connecticut regarding the legalization of marijuana heats up, with more than 30,000 registered MMJ patients in Connecticut and growing weekly, there will be an increasing need for medicine that improves the quality of patients’ lives. Advanced Grow Labs strives to produce those products in formats - ranging from capsules, cartridges, lotions, sprays and edibles - that work best for the patient.

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