Owners of real properties that contain dams or other man-made or artificial barriers constructed to impound water are required to register these structures with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (“DEEP”) and to conduct regular inspections.

Depending on circumstances, there is a suite of additional regulatory requirements that must be considered and potentially complied with, including development and continued implementation of Emergency Action Plans.

Clients seeking dam and water impoundment advice have come to rely upon Pullman & Comley attorneys, whose experience in the water, utility, environmental and real estate areas, provides guidance on regulatory compliance and resolution of issues involving dams.  We work closely with the engineering community and regulators to efficiently identify and resolve issues in these types of matters.  Recent experience includes: 

  • Represent dam owners in dealings with DEEP involving regulatory compliance. 
  • Represent institutional owner of a dam in matter involving claimed impact on neighboring property owners and municipal request for improvements. 
  • Represent developers in efforts to remove impoundments and restore stream channel with regard to local and US Army Corps of Engineers compliance. 
  • Represent dam owners in dealing with upstream landowners’ claims regarding riparian and littoral water rights. 
  • Represent dam owners with respect to upstream environmental issues associated with contaminated sediment. 
  • Represent dam owners in dealing with opposition to dam removal by town and other land owners.

 For further information, contact Fred Klein, Gary O’Connor or Jean Perry Phillips.

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