Construction Attorney Thomas Lambert Provides Insight on Making Municipal Construction Projects Successful

by Thomas S. Lambert
New England Real Estate Journal

As material costs remain high and labor continues to be scarce, it’s critical for municipalities and their contractors to manage the building process effectively.  In an article written for New England Real Estate Journal, construction attorney Thomas S. Lambert provides four key steps for making municipal construction projects successful.  These steps include:

1.  Contract clarity - While municipalities and project managers can’t necessarily plan for the next war or pandemic, they can specify in the contracts around a project who is responsible for changes in pricing and timing as a result of events like these.

2.   State money, state rules - Those managing the project need to be very familiar with conditions set forth by the state from the RFP/RFQ stage through completion. Failure to do so may present a substantial yet completely avoidable financial risk.

3.  Right-size the budget and project - Be sure the project meets both the current and future needs of the community–there’s no sense in building something inadequate. 

4.  Insurance due diligence - The phrase “bonded and insured” appears on just about any contractor’s website, but the details of the insurance policies carried by contractors is of great importance, particularly on municipal projects.

To read the full article, please visit the New England Real Estate Journal.


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