Our Virtual Reality: Facing the Constitutional Dimensions of Virtual Family Court

by Lynda B. Munro & Nicole M. Riel
Family Law Quarterly, Volume 54, No. 3, 2020

Please note:  The authors have received permission from the American Bar Association to include a PDF of the article that first appeared in their publication, Family Law Quarterly, Volume 54 No.3, on the Pullman & Comley website.

In this timely article, Retired Judge Lynda B. Munro and Attorney Nicole M. Riel of Pullman & Comley's Family Law practice address the ongoing difficulty of virtual court proceedings in this country and abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Even as courts begin to reopen, many jurisdictions encourage or require judges to hold some of their proceedings by telephone or video conference, raising serious privacy, due process and credibility concerns.  This article speaks to the ways the family bar can engage and address these concerns and how they impact clients' rights and safety. 

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