TV Interview04.05.2022

Timothy G. Ronan Comments on Digital Evidence in Connecticut Murder Trial

News 8, NBC Connecticut, FOX 61

Timothy G. Ronan, co-chair of Pullman's Litigation practice and adjunct professor at Quinnipiac Law School was interviewed by News 8 WTNH, NBC Connecticut and FOX 61 regarding the electronic evidence introduced into a trial that began on April 5, 2022 for an Ellington murder case that's gained national attention.

According to Richard Dabate, who is accused of killing his wife Connie in December 2015, someone had broken into their home and shot and killed his wife.  Data from Dabate's wife's Fitbit indicated, however, that she was moving around for an hour after Dabate said she was killed, contradicting what Dabate told police.  Tim weighs in on how digital devices such as the Fitbit Connie Dabate wore when she was killed could influence criminal cases.  

"Unlike human memories, digital evidence doesn't fade," Ronan said.  "Unlike human testimony, digital evidence isn't altered or swayed by emotion or bias."  But he said it is not infallible.  "It's subject to attack and then it's up to the jury to decide who wins over that fight of the Fitbit evidence." 

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