Russell Anderson Comments on New Data Privacy Law for Connecticut Law Tribune/

Connecticut Law Tribune/

A recent Connecticut Law Tribune/ article, "New Data Privacy Law to Take Effect: Here's What Attorneys Need to Know," interviewed Pullman technology attorney Russell Anderson on how he's advising clients on the Connecticut Data Privacy Act, one of the first comprehensive consumer privacy laws in the United States taking effect on July 1, 2023.  

The law gives consumers new rights, including the right to access, correct and delete personal data stored and collected by businesses, and the right to opt out of the sale of personal data and targeted advertising. 

"My clients tend to have a national or international presence," Anderson said.  “When I’m drafting privacy policies, obviously, I keep an eye on Connecticut, but it’s more a question of placing the Connecticut law within the framework of both the international requirements that I have to look at as well as the increasing patchwork of states, most notably California. Over the last couple of months, it seems like there is a new law almost every week that is passed.”

To read the complete article, please visit the Connecticut Law Tribune/ALM website.


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