In The News01.09.2020

Steve Stafstrom Quoted on New Restaurant Wage Law

Attorney Steven J. Stafstrom Jr., member of Pullman & Comley’s Litigation Department who also chairs the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, was quoted in a recent Connecticut Law Tribune article entitled, “3 Things to Know About Connecticut’s New Restaurant Wage Law.” The article discusses a new law which allows restaurants to pay servers less than the state’s $11 hourly minimum wage because these employees make up the difference in tips.

Steve commented on the new requirements the law imposes for plaintiffs seeking to file suit as a class. “The bill does add hurdles to get class certification to bring a lawsuit on behalf of a group of workers,” Steve stated. “There are now procedural requirements you have to go through.”

Despite differing opinions, the attorneys interviewed for the article agreed that the current law is aimed at removing ambiguity. “We believe this law will provide that clarity of when workers can be paid a service wage versus the standard wage,” said Stafstrom.

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