In The News07.01.2021

Steve Stafstrom Talks Environment, Marijuana and Returning to Court with Connecticut Law Tribune 

Connecticut Law Tribune

Pullman and Comley attorney Steven J. Stafstrom Jr. talked with Connecticut Law Tribune on a variety of topics, including the impact of legal recreational marijuana use, how environmental laws and litigation have changed over the past decade, and commercial evictions and foreclosures as a result of the global health pandemic.

Steve, who is also House chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said the new law legalizing recreational cannabis use "will generate a significant amount of jobs, economic activity and related legal work." He also noted that he looks forward to getting back into a courtroom in person.

"I have had about enough of the virtual hearings and arguments," he said. "In addition to the areas discussed here, I think we will see an uptick in litigation of business partnership and contract disputes as the economic changes brought on by the pandemic play themselves out." 

Finally, Steve shared some thoughts on what makes Pullman & Comley unique.

"The people. Pullman & Comley is truly a firm where everyone prides themselves on working together as a team to produce excellent results for our clients. Especially during the challenges of this past year, everyone really came together, even while apart, to keep each other going." 

Read the full interview on the Connecticut Law Tribune website.


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