In The News09.29.2023

NBC Connecticut Covers Judge Robert L. Holzberg Mediation of B17 Crash Lawsuit Settlement

NBC Connecticut

A settlement was recently reached between The Collings Foundation and the families that were affected by the vintage aircraft B17 that crashed at Bradley International Airport in 2019, NBC CT News has reported. Retired Judge Robert L. Holzberg of Pullman & Comley mediated the case.

The WWII-era bomber was part of the "Wings of Freedom Tour" sponsored by The Collings Foundation, where community members could purchase tickets to experience a historic airplane ride, but the plane crashed minutes after taking off due to contributing factors that the National Transportation Safety Board later determined included pilot's actions, maintenance issues and ineffective safety management. The crash resulted in seven fatalities, with six survivors.

Details of the settlement were not released, but attorneys for both parties issued a statement that included, "While it is our sincere hope that this resolution brings peace and closure to those affected, The Collings Foundation deeply regrets the injuries and losses suffered by the passengers and their families that day.”

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