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Livia DeFilippis Barndollar Talks About Divorcing with Adult Children on "Divorce & Other Things You Can Handle" Podcast

Divorce And Other Things You Can Handle

Family Law attorney Livia DeFilippis Barndollar was featured on the Divorce & Other Things You Can Handle podcast to discuss the challenges couples with adult children face when getting divorced. During a time when divorcing parents imagined themselves slowing down, traveling or celebrating children's weddings and births of grandchildren together, they instead are suddenly forced to make major life decisions navigating the divorce process.

Livia explains why divorcing parents should try to shield their adult children from the details and negotiations of the divorce, even though they may understand and have seen more of the marriage than if they were young children going through the same process. "It’s important for parents to remember,  even for adult children, that you are still their parent. Parents may turn to their adult children for advice or to vent but it’s actually not a good idea to burden them with these issues. No matter their age, children don’t want to feel responsible for their divorcing parents."

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