In The News11.14.2021

Lee Hoffman Talks Federal Infrastructure Bill on FOX 61

FOX 61

Lee D. Hoffman, chair of Pullman & Comley's Regulatory, Energy and Telecommunications practice, was interviewed on FOX 61 to discuss how the Federal infrastructure bill will affect roads, public transportation and broadband internet across Connecticut.

A considerable amount of funding is set aside for road needs, including highway and bridge road widening and repairs, as well as getting more electric cars on the roads. Lee explained that EV infrastructure is specifically outlined in part of the bill. "Most of our car companies are moving towards electric vehicles. The problem is going to be having as many EV charging stations for electric vehicles as we have gas stations. There's $53 million set aside just for Connecticut to ramp up its electric vehicle charging infrastructure. You can see some of the chargers already getting built by the private sector, but this will certainly boost that production quite handsomely."

Another large part of the bill will help with greenhouse gas emissions. There will be more electrified busses on the road, a more robust public transportation system, and the installment of the Northeast Corridor rail which will result in massive railroad infrastructure improvements.  Lee also addresses the significant amount of money in the bill dedicated to helping the 27,000 homes without access to broadband internet, in addition to the homes that have access but do not have the ability to pay for it.

Listen to the full interview on FOX 61's YouTube channel.



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