IN THE NEWS: Real Estate Attorney Andrew A. Glickson Discusses Commercial Landlord-Tenant Relationships

Fairfield County Business Journal

In the Fairfield County Business Journal's  "Q&A from the Corner Office" on December 28, 2009, Pullman & Comley Real Estate attorney Andrew A. Glickson responded to the question, "What did property owners do to keep cash and credit-strained commercial tenants from defaulting on their leases post economic downturn?"

"The threat of a tenant's default or departure is significant in a relatively weak leasing market," said Andy.  As a result, he noted, both office and retail landlords worked hard this year to keep their tenants, offering concessions such as short-term rent reductions or no rent increases, but also asking for reciprocal concessions in return, such as a commitment to an additional year at the end of a lease.

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