IN THE NEWS: Quinnipiac Women's Volleyball Title IX Case Granted Class Action Status

Connecticut Post

Pullman & Comley attorney Alex Hernandez was quoted in an article in the Connecticut Post regarding the May 21 ruling by U.S. District Judge Stefan R. Underhill  granting class action status to a Title IX discrimination case brought against Quinnipiac University by members of the women's volleyball team.

According to Alex, who with Pullman attorney Jonathan Orleans represents the volleyball players and their coach,  "The plaintiffs are pleased by this decision, which confirms the significance of the case for women's athletics at Quinnipiac."

Acting as cooperating counsel with the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Connecticut, Pullman & Comley brought the action in 2009 against the University, which had announced plans to cut the women's volleyball program despite the fact that the University was not in compliance with Title IX.  In May 2009 Judge Underhill issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting the University from eliminating the team until the lawsuit is resolved.  According to the article, Judge Underhill's latest ruling "allows him to order the school to correct any Title IX violations and pay damages to any female athlete wronged, not just the members of the volleyball team."  The trial is scheduled to begin on June 21.

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