In The News07.02.2023

Andy Glassman Covers Updates to Connecticut Cannabis Licenses and Unions at Cannabis Seminar

CT Insider

An article published by CT Insider recaps what Pullman & Comley Cannabis, CBD and Hemp attorney Andrew C. Glassman discussed at the Connecticut Cannabis Chamber of Commerce's Workforce Labor Laws & Unions Seminar last week. Andy covered the recent updates to Connecticut's cannabis law, which states that cannabis businesses are required by state law to sign a labor peace agreement with a union as part of a licensure process. Although, on the federal level, the employers must remain neutral on whether or not their employees unionize, and with which union.

Connecticut's first cannabis workers union formed in May, but it's clear more will be coming soon. "Most of the companies are being solicited by multiple unions at this point," Glassman said. 

To read the full article, please visit the CT Insider website.


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