SEMINAR: Transforming Equity: Title IX and Transgender Students

Pullman & Comley attorneys Michael P. McKeon, and Zachary Schurin of the School Law Practice presented, “Transforming Equity: Title IX and Transgender Students,” at a meeting hosted by the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools' Commission on Diversity in Independent Schools.

The objective of this session was to provide advice and guidance as to how the traditional interpretations and applications of Title IX and Connecticut law must now be reformulated and applied to students who identify themselves as transgender.  In addition to federal statutory law, this session reviewed applicable Connecticut law as well as extra-jurisdictional case law that could provide guidance to Connecticut federal and state courts in delineating the parameters of a school’s legal obligations to students who identify themselves as transgender.  The purpose of the session was to consider these legal mandates through the lens of practical, day-to-day applications, and thereby to assist schools in translating their expanded legal requirements into concrete action steps and ensuring that they are compliant with the law.

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