David Atkins and Dana Hrelic to Present a Risk Management Seminar for the Greater Bridgeport Bar Association

12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. EST
Greater Bridgeport Bar Association, Bridgeport, CT

Pullman & Comley Professional Liability attorneys David P. Atkins and Dana M. Hrelic will present a seminar for the Greater Bridgeport Bar Association titled "Client Engagement Agreements: A Risk Management Tool." The presentation will cover:

  • Client intake and screening out the high risk client
  • What do the Connecticut Rules of Professional Conduct require in client engagement letter agreements?
  • Wording to avoid creating unreasonable expectations
  • Telling the client what expectations are unreasonable
  • Describing the tasks within the scope of the engagement; and those excluded
  • Identifying who is the client; and who is not
  • Multiple clients and joint representation
  • Identifying fees, expenses and billing
  • Getting paid
  • Disclaimers and other warnings

For additional information, please visit the GBBA website.

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