Investigations Resolve Conflict for Private and Public Sector Clients

Faced with claims of employee or management misconduct, municipalities, businesses and educational institutions turn to Pullman & Comley for impartial, thorough and cost-effective investigations. Utilizing a team of attorneys, paralegals, litigation specialists and the prowess of a retired judge who heads our Alternative Dispute Resolution practice, we have successfully assisted many clients in obtaining an accurate and unbiased evaluation of the questionable activity and have provided recommendations for corrective action.

In one matter, a university retained Pullman & Comley to conduct an investigation into allegations of a campus assault of an undergraduate student. In another case, a municipality called on us to undertake a confidential investigation into allegations of irregularities in student testing procedures which resulted in a prompt and favorable result for the city. Most recently, we were retained by another municipality to investigate allegations that public school administrators failed to respond properly to allegations of sexual misconduct by one of their employees. Following the issuance of a 90-page report, significant disciplinary sanctions were imposed on ranking administrators. In each of these matters, our attorneys provided timely, accurate and thorough reports that assisted administrators and elected officials in identifying wrongdoing and implementing corrective action.


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