Supreme Court Victories Have Far-Reaching Impact

The Connecticut Supreme Court heard only four family law cases in 2016. Of those cases, Pullman & Comley’s Family Law attorneys argued, and were victorious, in two. In the first groundbreaking decision, our attorneys overturned a ruling which would have prevented custodial parents from obtaining an upward modification of child support based on an increase in the non-custodial parent’s income. The effects of this Supreme Court win were far-reaching and will impact thousands of families in the years to come.

In the second case, our attorneys’ actions resulted in a decision that consisted of three separate opinions from the Supreme Court that involved the enforceability, interpretation and application of a prenuptial agreement. This case is significant in that it helped to define how lump sum alimony payments are awarded. It resulted in a lump sum alimony payment of $7.5 million to our client in addition to the multi-million-dollar property distribution set forth in the prenuptial agreement and periodic alimony payments of $40,000 per month.

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