Assisting a Company with Socially Responsible Gemstones

Diamonds that fuel civil wars and create human rights abuses are often called “conflict” diamonds, and have turned many couples’ thoughts of purchasing a diamond engagement ring into a difficult decision. Our client, Clean Origin, aims to revolutionize the diamond engagement ring business by offering jewelry with real diamonds that have been cultivated in ecologically-friendly foundries, rather than mined in what many consider to be inhumane, and environmentally and geopolitically unacceptable, circumstances.

Laboratory grown diamonds are almost indistinguishable from those that are mined, but can cost 25 to 50 percent less. The company’s founder is leveraging his jewelry industry experience by marrying modern direct-to-consumer marketing with his passion for freeing the world from its historic reliance on “conflict minerals.”

Pullman’s Securities Law and Emerging Businesses team worked with the growth stage company documenting Clean Origin’s arrangements with its founders, advisory board and key suppliers and vendors, and supporting its capital raise, working with the company’s pilot program, “Clean Origin.” Our attorneys eagerly assisted this innovative client to bring to consumers the world’s most environmentally sound and socially responsible engagement rings available today.


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