Why Employers Should Be Prepared to Comply With OSHA’s Vaccination Mandate

by Zachary T. Zeid
Fairfield County Business Journal

As a contributing writer for the Fairfield County Business Journal, Employment Law attorney Zachary T. Zeid explores the current state of litigation surrounding OSHA's emergency temporary standard (ETS) and discusses how employers can prepare to comply with the requirements set forth in the pending mandate.

"While its ultimate fate is uncertain, employers should prepare to comply with the original standard until a final decision is rendered by the courts and/or further guidance is issued by OSHA," he writes.

Zach explains the policies regarding COVID-19 vaccination and testing that employers must implement under OSHA's standard. He also lays out the steps employers should take now to ensure compliance in a potentially limited time frame, as well as what they can expect in terms of financial burden.

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