Renewable Energy Projects Meet an Unlikely Opponent: Environmentalists

Lee D. Hoffman
Best Lawyers

Attorney Lee D. Hoffman, who chairs Pullman & Comley's Environmental, Energy and Telecommunications Department, authored an article for Best Lawyers on the challenges that many renewable energy projects face from state regulations and pressure from environmental groups to limit the siting of renewable energy projects.

According to Lee, states are taking different approaches to address the issue.

"Some states, such as Washington, North Carolina, and Connecticut, have placed restrictions on where renewable energy projects can be located. Other states, such as Massachusetts, are opting to increase incentives to renewable energy projects that are located in areas with undesirable land uses, such as brownfield sites and closed landfills. Still other states, such as Maryland and Minnesota, are evaluating what should be done with respect to the siting of renewable energy projects," he writes.

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